Birmingham SEO Agency


Birmingham SEO Agency

We’re a Birmingham based SEO agency helping our clients rank #1 on the world’s leading search engines.

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How Strong Is Your Website’s SEO?

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about increasing a website’s credibility with search engines by optimising the important rankings factors to improve the organic visibility on search results.[/jellythemes_content][jellythemes_content]The aim of SEO is to drive organic search traffic from search engine result pages (SERPS) to your website using relevant keywords derived from your web page content to deliver a high conversation rate on your business goals.[/jellythemes_content]

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How We SEO?

We take a strategic approach by enhancing each SEO activity with precision to organically increase the ranking positions on search results with highly relevant keywords that convert.[/jellythemes_content][jellythemes_content]We work passionately to rank you above your competition by carrying out extensive research, exploiting their weaknesses and making it your strengths.[/jellythemes_content]

INFOGRAPHIC: What's involved in SEO?


SEO Agency with International Reach.


Since we’re made in Birmingham, we are proud to offer our outstanding results driven SEO services to local businesses who want to start reaching out to a national audience by establishing and optimising their online presence on Google, Yahoo and MSN.


The best thing about the internet is that you have the tools to advertise your products and services to a world wide audience. You can always start with SEO in Birmingham for example or your local area and expand your reach geographically to a nationwide audience and further beyond.


We further help our clients with a growth strategy that is aligned with their business operations and we do it  by consulting on all aspects of growing online by increasing value in what you offer to taking online payments, handling customer orders or enquiries to delivering your products and services nationwide.


Amongst our client success stories, we are ourselves a testimony on how we started as a local SEO Birmingham agency, expanding our services and growing with clients all over U.K.[/jellythemes_content]


Looking for an SEO Agency to rank above your competitors?


Then you’ve landed at the right place.


We have a successful proven track record with live results that demonstrate we can organically rank your website above your competitors by achieving no.1 positions on the most competitive and largest search volume keywords.[/jellythemes_content]


How Do We Optimise?


The method in principle is no secret but we really do get under the skin of your competitors to reverse engineer their active strategy using industry leading research tools and exploit their weak points contributing to developing a fine tuned agile SEO strategy with great attention to detail taking it one step further to maximise the quality score on each activity.


We have created a unique combination of techniques, when deployed effectively, multiplies the positive affect of each activity to gain exponential growth in ranking factors – so the more we optimise the higher you rank and the longer we continue the stronger your position gets.


This is what separates us from other SEO agencies and how our fees are justified to give you that leading edge to out rank your competitors.[/jellythemes_content]


How Good is your website SEO?

Get your instant Website SEO Audit Report online below…[/jellythemes_content]


Managed by SEO Veterans


The Website Company is directed by a SEO veteran that began optimising local business websites for search engines from his university hall of residences in 2001. This was the time when keyword stuffing was the trick and simple html tags where the biggest ranking factors.


The Story begins with an undergraduate computer scientist that attended a voluntary seminar lead by Google in 2001 at the university lecture theatre. At the end of the lecture, dazed by the overwhelming technicality and ambitious visions (now reality) from Google the student asked the speaker, “how do you search for the websites we are looking for?”


The answer gave away the simplest and most important ranking factor for Google’s search algorithm at that time which was “we look for your search term in the websites meta data and content”, that’s it.


– Google at that time were still perfecting its meta search algorithms.


The student, put this in practice while he was learning how to web design and effortlessly began to rank local business websites for a small additional fee eventually paying of his student loan using the same strategy that no longer remained a secret until 2004.


He graduated and became self-employed later joined a company to gain more professional experience in handling larger and more diversified roles but continued his passion and practice for SEO, evolving his strategy to keep the same businesses ahead of the competition.


Gaining sufficient business experience, he later forms a digital agency in Birmingham on 30th September  2008 providing SEO consultancy to nationwide UK businesses and design agencies, becoming one of the earliest established and successful agencies inheriting an evolution of SEO experience and knowledge, yes you’ve guessed it, The Website Company.


The agency is now equipped with closely mentored and highly skilled marketers with practical knowledge on a wide range of integrated marketing channels and platforms including valuable insights to creative UX design and website development to also understand user interaction and conversation factors being able to consult on the entire optimisation cycle to perform results that put you ahead of your competition.


SEO Recovery


If your website has been penalised for bad SEO practices and have lost it’s ranking resulting in reduced traffic then we can help to recover your website and further improve the SEO.


Search Engines update their algorithms to favour websites that use organic white-hat SEO practises making search results fairly accurate and more importantly relevant to the searched keywords by penalising or black listing web pages that malpractice optimisation rules.


If you’re website is struggling to recover from a penalty our SEO experts are able to audit your website by deep analysing and identifying previous activities that caused them to lose their rank and subsequently recovering and improving your rank by carrying out a combination of recovery processes that will get noticed and acknowledged by search engines


The Website Company have strictly offered ethical SEO services by strategically optimising websites to both help search engines achieve their goals and increase exposure on our client’s web pages to help them win business.[/jellythemes_content]


Find out with our FREE instant website audit report in a few seconds…

[jellythemes_title]Local SEO[/jellythemes_title][jellythemes_content]If you’re a business with multiple branch locations or operating with a local service strategy, we can increase your brand’s search engine visibility through key-phrases combined with a city or location.


Our strategy will increase your brands exposure on business listings maps as well as organic search results.[/jellythemes_content]

[jellythemes_title]International SEO[/jellythemes_title][jellythemes_content]Search engine visibility on international search engines requires a localised geo-strategy that is formulated from a detailed target audience research and a strong combination of activities that include content translation, global payment gateway partners, domain extensions, CDNs and linking your website with local bloggers, directories and high authority domains to develop a credible localised relevance.[/jellythemes_content]
[jellythemes_title]Multi-Lingual SEO[/jellythemes_title][jellythemes_content]We ensure that the content and the website structure is optimised for the right audience and their browser setting whether it’s the language or country. We factor in the technical and non-technical factors that contributes to consistent SEO results.[/jellythemes_content]
[jellythemes_title]Conversation Optimisation[/jellythemes_title][jellythemes_content]Your rankings may be getting the traffic share you are expecting but you’re not converting at the rate required with lower engagement and higher than average bounce rate.


There may be several reasons why this is the case including your websites content and visual impact, lack of information, competitiveness on price, brand reputation through reviews or simply your conversation process.


We analyse your entire digital presence and processes to improve customer experience and consult you on how to improve your conversation rates, even better we can get the job done.[/jellythemes_content]

[jellythemes_title]SEO Recovery[/jellythemes_title][jellythemes_content]Many online brands are being penalised through algorithm updates.  You may be a victim of black hat techniques or simply out-weighed by your competition.


We are able to analyse and identify why your website is not performing on the search engine ranks and recover your rankings with a strategy that strengthens and improves your search engine to bring traffic back to your website.[/jellythemes_content]

[jellythemes_title]Search Analytics[/jellythemes_title][jellythemes_content]Our knowledge and experience in studying and analysing traffic makes us efficient at optimising your ROI, creating custom reports, and simplifying complex data for you to easily understand and monitor progress.

We can configure your website with enhance analytic tools to collect demographic data to help you understand your audience and optimise your websites conversation rates and improve your overall marketing strategy[/jellythemes_content]

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