Web Design

Web Design

[jellythemes_title]Creative Studio[/jellythemes_title]
[jellythemes_content class=”text presentation”]Design communicates brand and engages audiences. Combined with a strategically constructed website, it elevates your brand whilst creating compelling digital experiences that effectively promotes your products or services. This gives design an important role to any digital marketing campaign.[/jellythemes_content]
[jellythemes_content]The Website Company operates as a web design agency in Birmingham hosting a creative team of highly talented front-end designers that work closely with our developers and marketing consultants to produce smart and compelling user interfaces functioning as an effective marketing tool attracting nationwide and international audiences.[/jellythemes_content]
Process flow of design
[jellythemes_title]Design & Branding[/jellythemes_title]
[jellythemes_content]A visually appealing logo that compliments your branding and reflects its core values gives your business an identity that provides the fundamental foundations of forming a strong brand.


We design creatively compelling brands to give your business the edge it needs to stand out in an overcrowded competitive market.[/jellythemes_content]

Web Design Infographic
[jellythemes_title]Website Design [/jellythemes_title]
[jellythemes_content]Whether you need to overhaul your current website design, update a few areas, refresh your look or re-design a new website or application from scratch we are able visualise your concepts and bring creativity to the canvas that will inspire and set new trends to your competition.


Websites and Apps are designed to function as a marketing tool to elevate your brand and tell your story effectively highlighting your core values and bringing your strong points to attention.


This is achieved by using the right combination of a branding colours, a friendly user interface for good usability with clear direction to easy navigation and attractive calls to action to provide a smooth and consistent user experience throughout all the pages and processes.[/jellythemes_content]

Responsive Design Layers
[jellythemes_title]Responsive Web Design[/jellythemes_title]
[jellythemes_content]In today’s day and age every website needs to be responsive to the way people browse online. New devices are being constantly released with different screen resolutions, operating systems, and updated browser versions that change the way your digital application is displayed to the user.


We take it a step further then the device, we make your digital entity responsive to the humans that use it accustomed to the process they need to follow making it easier and more efficient to get to what they are looking for.


We take into consideration user’s browsing habits and their expectations to create an optimised user experience with the latest agile methodologies and design practices to create the ideal responsive user interface for your application.[/jellythemes_content]

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